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Supporting SME founders in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

for The Founders Programme, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund

“The reality of being an entrepreneur is tough, easy to say but hard to deliver on.

The more time your spend on your business the lonelier it becomes and changes from being your own boss to the saviour and deliverer for everyone else; clients, investors, your teams, partners and family.  

The trouble is once you have started and got some traction there is no getting off that easily..  so welcome to ..’oh shit we need to make this work!’  

That is why I founded Smiling Barracuda (over-worked, under-paid, entrepreneurs only club).  We support founders on their entrepreneurial journey to execute their business well and to get that badge.. ‘a successful entrepreneur’ (a wealthy entrepreneur would also be nice, but let’s start with being successful).”

Freddie Talberg

Founder of Smiling Barracuda and Serial Entrepreneur


Growing as a founder and entrepreneur is just as important as growing your business if you don’t want to get left behind.

Smiling Barracuda is an entrepreneur-led club of high quality, experienced and successful founders, experts and innovators. Our prime focus is to support SME founders through this personal growth to become successful entrepreneurs.

The Club

Founders and Peers

Our entrepreneurial club allows you to connect with like-minded talented founders. Share experiences and skills with people growing similar size businesses and support each other in the challenges you all face.

Experts and Innovators

Lean on a team of advisors and mentors ranging from academic experts, industry and domain experts and technical experts from UCL, Imperial College, Cambridge University, King's College, EIE, XnTree, Cognicity and Growth Builder… to name a few!

The Founders Programme

Parallel to the network, our FREE to attend programme aims to support SME founders in becoming self-sufficient, successful entrepreneurs, not heavily reliant on funding. We provide peer-to-peer connections, some tough love and an expert support structure to enable you to execute and grow your business.

Core elements of the 5 workshops within the 12 month programme

1. Experts View

Our domain experts lead an open discussion on their area of expertise relating to growth and sales, from brand and PR to selling to corporates.

2. Inspiration

Each workshop hosts an invited later stage founder to speak about their success story. Sharing what they did, what worked and key strategies to their growth.

3. Accountability

Each founder has their sales revenues against forecasts centrally processed, aggregated and openly discussed each quarter.

4. Peer-to-Peer Support

We conclude with a facilitated session to share achievements and growth challenges, and collectively debate on how we solve these problems as a group.

To be considered for the programme starting in February 2018, apply now.

Applications are open until 19th January 2018.

Applicants must be available for interview in the fourth week of January.

Who We Are

Freddie Talberg


Freddie Talberg
Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of scaling businesses in the tech sector and working with fellow growth tech entrepreneur founders.
Freddie Talberg

Emily Holgate

Community Manager

Emily Holgate
Emily is the founding partner of Utterly Events. Emily designs and coordinates entrepreneurial events for scaleup business to strengthen their culture and help them grow.
Emily Holgate

Colin Nunn

Finance Director

Colin Nunn
Colin has been a part time Finance Director for many startups. He is the expert Finance person everyone needs and cannot afford full time!
Colin Nunn

Nic Mason

SME Operations Expert

Nic Mason
Nic is an experienced startup and scaleup COO. Currently at Guru Systems, he has previously worked with a range of businesses to help define their operations and product strategies.
Nic Mason

Glenn Elliott

Programme Facilitator

Glenn Elliott
Glenn is an employee engagement expert, entrepreneur, and author. As the founder of Reward Gateway, he is now an advisor to boards on getting the best out of their people.
Glenn Elliott

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